Shandong Saikesaisi Pharmaceutical Sales Co., Ltd.

Shandong Saikesaisi Pharmaceutical Sales Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of the Saksay Group. It is located in the Jinan Hi-tech Zone in Quancheng City and is mainly engaged in the sales of new special drugs and promotion of pharmacy services. Business involves the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular category, nutrition, antibiotics, pediatrics and other products. Among them, calcium dibutyrocycline adenosine for injection is a key product and has won the title of “Shanghai Famous Brand Product”. It solves the problem of 5 million cardiovascular disease patients every year. IMS data show that the annual sales of this product reach 3 billion yuan.

After many years of operation and management, led by Mr. Zou Fangming, Chairman of the Board of Directors, and Mr. Zou Fangqi, General Manager of the Company, he has achieved excellent results in the industry, established a good corporate image and established a credible social reputation. The company has maintained long-term friendly cooperative relations with Shanghai Pharmaceutical Group and China Resources Group; and has continuous business contacts with large-scale commercial distribution companies such as Sinopharm, China Resources Pharmaceutical, Kyushu TongPharma, and Shanghai Pharmaceutical. Saikesaisi Pharmaceuticals will continue to work hard for human health in line with the mission of the group culture.

Product introduction:


Generic name: calcium dibutyryl adenosine monophosphate for injection

Indications: This product is a protein kinase activator. For angina pectoris, adjuvant treatment of acute myocardial infarction, can also be used for myocarditis, cardiogenic shock, subretinal hemorrhage and psoriasis after surgery, and can help other anti-cancer drugs for the treatment of leukemia.

Product features: A new generation of cell function activators, clinical path included species, eight diseases into the clinical pathway, rich academic materials, exclusive products, general use, and some provinces Medicare.

Long Fuer Sweet:

Common name: Pediatric Compound Amino Acid Injection (18AA-II)

Indications: This product is intravenous parenteral nutrition infusion, can be used in the following areas: (1) premature infants, low birth weight children and a variety of causes caused by oral intake of protein or insufficient intake of neonates. (2) various types of trauma: such as burns, trauma and post-operative high metabolic state of children. (3) All kinds of acute and chronic malnutrition in children who cannot take orally ingested foods: such as necrotizing enterocolitis, acute necrotizing pancreatitis, and chemotherapeutic drug reactions.

Product features: Parenteral nutrition products, exclusive products, national basic drug prescription set, most suitable for human milk model, national medical insurance category A


Generic name: Inverted sugar injection

Indications: For rehydration therapy in patients who require non-oral routes for hydration or energy supplements. Especially in the following situations:

——Diabetic patients

——Energy supplements for patients with insulin resistance (diabetic conditions) such as burn wounds, postoperative and infections.

——Drug poisoning.


Product features: Fast, comprehensive, long-lasting energy supply

Injectable trypsin:

Common name: trypsin for injection

Indications: For the removal of blood clots, pus, necrotic tissue and inflammatory exudates, Used as an adjunctive treatment for necrotic wounds, ulcers, hematomas, abscesses, and inflammation. Ophthalmology uses this product to treat all kinds of ocular inflammation, hemorrhagic eye diseases, and ocular trauma, retinal oscillations and so on. This product can also be used in poisonous snake bites to break down toxins.

Product Features: Strongly decomposes, removes pus and sputum, promotes wound healing and new tissue regeneration, and is the first choice for treating inflammatory diseases. Exclusive products, national health insurance, classic medicines.