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Hydrogen-powered tractors, to Jinan Hi-techTime:2018-03-01  Author:Su Feng  Click:

In the Jinan High-tech Zone, the hydrogen fuel powered terminal tractors developed and manufactured by CNHTC Group are a new type of high-efficiency, clean, zero-pollution and zero-emission new energy vehicles.

The project started to develop in 2016. At present, prototype production has been completed. It is mainly used for the transshipment of goods inside the seaport. It is estimated that 30 cars will be produced in small quantities in 2018, and the production value of bicycles will be 1.5 million yuan. The next step will be to develop a series of short-distance transport vehicles such as hydrogen kinetic energy buses, city logistics vehicles, and garbage sweepers to meet the needs of the economic circle within 100 kilometers.

The full-load quality of the hydrogen-powered terminal tractors is 37 tons, the maximum speed is 48 kilometers per hour, and the maximum climbing degree exceeds 15%. The vehicle is mainly fueled by hydrogen. The hydrogen bottle can store approximately 3 kilograms of hydrogen. The vehicle's continuous driving range exceeds 100 kilometers, and its performance is significantly higher than the 80 kilometers in the United States. Moreover, the time for hydrogenation of the hydrogen cylinder is extremely short, hydrogen can be filled within 3-5 minutes, and the power battery almost eliminates the need for power supply, thus solving the problem of long-term charging of pure electric vehicles.

In recent years, the High-tech Zone has paid special attention to grasping the dragon's skull, playing the role of the leading ties of large enterprises, promoting the formation of a harmonious ecosystem of large and medium-sized enterprises, and promoting the common development of the “elephant economy” and the “ant economy” and fostering more durable “doubles”. Create "energy", a more powerful "double creation" power.

As the leading unit of the hydrogen production industry, China Saixes hydrogen energy will earnestly implement the spirit of the Nineteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China, accelerate the development of the "ecological energizing" type, and provide strong support for new environmental protection technology and new energy fields. In the next 10 to 20 years, following the new opportunities in the Hi-tech Zone and keeping abreast of the new situation of hydrogen energy, hydrogen energy vehicles will be popularized to millions of households as soon as possible, making green high-speed travel possible.

Hydrogen Energy Correspondent Su Feng