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Qilu Public Bank Winter warm sunTime:2018-02-25  Click:

Qilu Public Bank Winter warm sun




At the beginning of the new year of 2018, Qilu hemodialysis launched a large-scale social charity event “Qilu Charity for the Winter Warmth” to send warmth to patients with kidney disease in winter.

Mr. Zou Fangming, Chairman of Qilu's Hemostat Interviewed by TV Station
Huaiji Three H Hemodialysis Center and Yangquan Qilu Hemodialysis Center carried out warming activities. The center prepared beautiful gifts for everyone. Each gift and red envelope was a care and warmth of the center. At the event, the center’s medical staff, kidney friends, and caring people from all walks of life brought everyone a wonderful performance and won applause from everyone.
The kidney friends of the Huaiji Center shed tears and told about his illness and the center’s assistance to him; patients at the Yangquan Center personally embroidered a pennant and handed the heart of thanks to the center. They thanked the medical staff for their efforts. Thanks to the Fang Ming Foundation for help.
Laughter, hugs and handshakes, photographs and mobile phones are frequently raised to record this happy and unforgettable moment.
Although the wind is cold and the winter is cold, the entire staff of the Qilu Hemodialysis Center takes care, care, and warmth to send warmth to people in need of help in winter. This winter is no longer cold. “Qilu Public Welfare Bank Winter Warmth” is still on the road and we will send more warmth to more people.
Qilu hemodialysis correspondent