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German Fraunhofer and his team visited our companyTime:2018-03-08  Author:Wang Wei  Click:

German Fraunhofer and his team visited our company

On the afternoon of March 8, 2018, Walther Glaubitt and Peters Martin, experts from the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Research in Germany, visited our company. The relevant leaders of the Provincial Department of Science and Technology and the Municipal Bureau of Science and Technology attended the inspection tour. The company’s vice president Manager Bo Hao and Chief Engineer Zhao Chengru attended the reception. The Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Research and Development was founded in 1949. It has 72 research institutes and other independent research institutes distributed throughout Germany. It has more than 25,000 outstanding scientific researchers and engineers and is the largest European company in applied research. Research institutions.

The German experts first visited the company's first floor exhibition hall, carefully listened to the company's development history and product introduction, and then held a discussion meeting in the company's meeting room and carefully asked the company's technology research and development. German experts introduced the three major R&D directions of specialty fibers, functional coatings and particle technology based on the combination of inorganic and organic silicon-containing materials. Subsequently, the technical personnel of the two sides conducted in-depth discussions on silicon-containing material fibers for refractory ulcers, antibacterial and heat-resistant materials for dental filling, and cooperation in nanomagnetic beads for cell sorting or CT and MRI marking. Exchanges.

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