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Leaders of High-tech Zone Management Committee visited the headquarters of the Group for research and guidanceTime:2018-03-14  Author:Wang wei  Click:

Leaders of High-tech Zone Management Committee visited the headquarters of the Group for research and guidance

On March 14, 2018, Wu Mei, Deputy Director of the Management Committee of Jinan High-tech Zone, Zhang Qingying, Director of the Bureau of Finance, and Wu Nan, Deputy Director of the Financial Resources Development Office of the Bureau of Finance and Economics visited the Group's headquarters. Group Chairman Zou Fangming, deputy general manager of Biotech Co., Ltd., Bai Jie, general assistant and chief financial officer Gong Keyou, general assistant and administrative director Zhang Chuanjun, and pharmaceutical sales company manager of the Ministry of Commerce Xu Jinping attended the survey.

Chairman Zou Fangming first accompanied the leaders to visit the exhibition hall of the group and then held a discussion in the conference room of the company. Zou expressed his warm welcome and sincere gratitude to the leaders for his visit, and briefly introduced the development history of the group, major business segments, and listed products. President Gong gave concrete reports to the leaders on the business development of the company's medical sector in recent years and the completion of fiscal and taxation. He also briefly introduced the scope of the implementation of the "two-vote system" reform in the pharmaceutical industry and the impact of fiscal and taxation. Participants conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges on the trends of medical reforms, local finance and taxation policies, and the prospects and difficulties of medical enterprises under the new situation. They also carried out discussions on the advantages of Jinan Hi-tech Zone in making use of the advantages of the new and old kinetic energy conversion pilot regions in Shandong Province. Discussed. The visiting leaders emphasized that they will, as always, support the development of the enterprise, the changes in the influence of the reform of the “two-vote system” in the pharmaceutical industry, and the difficulties and problems encountered by the company in the process of large-scale development, expansion, and strength. It is necessary to take countermeasures. At the same time, relevant government departments will also take active support measures to promote the continuous and rapid development of the company.

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